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koi meme 15 koi dog

Our Top 21 Koi Memes

Over the years, we’ve shared more than a few fantastic pictures of koi.

Here are some memorable koi-centric memes with some words that we thought were worthy of sharing, too. These memes captured some of the more whimsical side of koi (and fish) keeping.

As we say here at Next Day Koi, “DLYMBD” (Don’t Let Your Memes Be Dreams).

Koi meme 21 showa or kohaku

It’s a legit question.


koi meme existentialism

Of course, you should take this ques… SQUIRREL!


Koi Meme Koi religion

Going shore to shore.


Koi meme weapons of mass deterrence

Weapons of mass deterrence.


koi Meme 4 Mistaken koi



Koi meme 5 koi under ice

Spoiler: Wilson doesn’t make it off the boat.


Koi meme 6 koi job description

Sooooo much!


Koi meme 7 koi spend

The struggle is real! Courtesy: Tim Nye the Koi Guy


Koi meme 7 koi hole

What is this?! A hole for tosai?


Koi meme 8 koi feeding human tank

Not real koi. They have better taste than this.


Koi Meme 9 money for koi

This person must be rolling in it to have that much left over for the spouse


Koi meme 10 kids in a koi pond

Never know what they might bring to the pond.


Koi meme 11 koi tattoo

Oof. Savage!


koi meme 12 koi pond ramen

The weekly meal. Pic Courtesy of Darren Yong


koi meme 13 big koi spend

Yeah. And?!


koi meme kung fu koi style

Next: Perfect Blue Crane defense. Courtesy: Chi Wiz Phan—Koi Master


koi fish meme biological filter feeding

You think he’s kidding?


koi meme 16 koi question

Deep Thoughts Recap with koi fish.


Koi meme 17 matsu koi

Matsukawabakke is to koi what linoleum is to flooring.


Koi meme walking a koi

Well, it’s not gonna walk itself….


koi meme photoshop koi eating dog head

Photoshop is just the worst.

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