Browse these frequently asked questions to quickly find an answer to your issue. This page answers questions about our purchasing and shipping process. For general Koi questions, check out the Koi FAQ.

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How do you ship live fish? Is it safe for the fish?

What courier service do you use?

How much does shipping cost?

Do I have to pay shipping for each individual fish?

How long will it take for my package to arrive?

Can you tell me what time of day my package will arrive?

What happens if a fish dies during shipping. Do I get my money back?

What if a fish arrives alive, but then dies soon after?

What if my fish is alive, but I am unsatisfied with it or have a different problem?

Do you ship everywhere in the US?

Do you ship outside of the US?

Will I need to sign for the package?

What is quarantining? Do I need to quarantine fish from Next Day Koi before adding them to my pond?

What are Next Day Koi’s quarantine procedures?

Can items that Next Day Koi has listed on eBay be combined with items from this site for one shipping charge?

Do you have a retail location?

Do you offer local pickup?

What is your phone number?

Can I contact you to ask if you have a certain color/variety/patterned fish in stock?

Can you tell me the sex of a particular koi?

I no longer want the koi that I own? Will you take them? Will you resell them for me?

How do I create an account on your website?


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