Earn a 10% commission payment for referring customers to Next Day Koi.

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If you are involved in the Koi and Goldfish industry, you are eligible to earn passive income using Next Day Koi’s Referral Rewards program.  Those eligible include:

  • Pond contractors
  • Pond maintainers
  • Retailers of pond and aquarium drygoods
  • Owners of informational websites focused on Koi, Goldfish, water gardening or fishkeeping.

It’s simple and easy to get started.  Just sign up here.  Our staff will review your application and approve your account once we have confirmed your eligibility.

After approval:

  • You will receive promotional flyers with the unique coupon code assigned to your account.
  • Distribute your coupon code to any Koi and Goldfish hobbyists.
  • The coupon code will grant a 10% discount to anyone who orders on nextdaykoi.com, as well as a 10% referral payment to you!
  • If you are a website owner or admin interested in sending us affiliate traffic, your affiliate link can be found on your account page after you are approved.

Advantages of Next Day Koi’s Referral Rewards program:

It’s Easy – You can earn passive income without ever having to handle or store the fish yourself.

It’s Worry Free – You don’t have to worry about consulting with your customers about fish health.  All of our fish come with an industry-leading 14 Day Worry Free Guarantee.  Our trained customer service staff will handle all questions or concerns regarding the fish.

It’s Trusted – Know that you are referring your customer to one of the most trusted names in the Koi industry.

Sign up now to start earning passive income from sales of our outstanding Koi, Butterfly Koi and Goldfish!