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Koi Under a Lotus

Koi Pond Filtration: Zakki vs Bakki shower

Biological filtration is one of the cornerstones of water quality in any enthusiast’s koi pond. Some might argue that it is the alpha in clean water. Changing the lethal waste product of Ammonia (enthusiast: turns, spits) to its less lethal step-sibling Nitrite and finally into the somewhat less-destructive Nitrate is all part of the Nitrogen […]

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Koi Pond Netting: What You Need to Know

As in many decisions regarding koi keeping, there are numerous choices regarding how to protect your koi and maintain water quality by keeping unwanted nature out. Covering your pond with a net is one of those choices. What works for some, doesn’t work for others. Some enthusiasts even come up with their own interesting takes […]

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Recap Oranda Fancy Goldfish

Oranda Fancy Goldfish

The Oranda is believed to have been around since the 1500s. The Chinese gave it the handle “flower of the water.”It is believed to have been developed from the crossbreeding of a Lionhead and a Veiltail. The name Oranda derives from a case of mistaken identity. When this Chinese fish was brought to Japan, it […]

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Baby Calico Pearlscale Goldfish

Pearlscale Fancy Goldfish

The Pearlscale (nicknamed Ping-Pong goldfish) is of Chinese origin from the Cyprinidae family (of which the koi is also a member). In Japanese, it is known as Chinsurin. They are frequently mistaken for Fantails with their characteristic egg-shaped bodies but the shapes are slightly different. The body is compact and rounded, with a small, narrow […]

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Take Action Now To Help Save The Koi Industry

The koi industry is being threatened, and we need your help.  Read our initial post for details about this threat. The National Aquaculture Association (NAA) has recently issued an Injurious Wildlife Petition Summary and Action Plan.  This document provides a plan for action against this threat.  We have summarized the action plan below. What To […]

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Koi Spawning

Koi Spawning. That magical time (or times) of the year when sexually mature koi do their part to propagate the species in the science experiment that is your pond or tank. Except, maybe it’s not that magical. At least, not for your pond or water quality if you aren’t actively trying to breed your stock […]

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