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Koi Being photographed

A Day In The Life Of A Koi Photographer

I’m Hoon Lee from NextDayKoi and I’m one of the four Koi photographers here. Along with Crystal Tucker—pictured in the main photo, Gabe Asturias and Brett Lin, we are responsible for all the koi photography and listings that you see on our website and eBay! In today’s blog post, we’re inviting you to join us […]

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Kohaku, shiro bekku, asagi koi swimming in a pond

Koi For A Cause

Sometimes doing what is right is doing what is best. With this in mind, we at Next Day Koi are proud to announce our Koi For A Cause initiative. In the past, we have periodically donated a portion of proceeds from our promoted sales to worthy charities across the United States. Now we’ve upped the […]

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Koi pond with floating ice and koi swimming

Your Koi, Koi Pond and Springing Back to Life

It’s approaching that most wonderful time of the koi keeping year. Outdoor temperatures are starting to rise and with them your pond’s water temperature. Ice melts, birds come back and flowers start to bloom. As wonderful of a time as this is for koi enthusiasts, it can also be one of the most nerve-wracking. Rising […]

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Tips For Feeding Time

Feeding time is a huge part of the bonding experience between koi and their keepers. During this time, koi can go from just fish to welcomed companions. However, as easy as feeding time seems to be, here are a few guidelines to keep in mind. Water Temperature The water temperature that your koi are swimming […]

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All That Red – Beni or Hi?

Red is a dominant color in the Koi hobby.  People search high and low, long and far looking for that perfect crimson red on a Kohaku.  But there is a question in regards to red that pops up often – should you use the terms “beni” or “hi” when referring to red color on Koi? Long-time hobbyist […]

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