Gold Crown

Gold Crown Koi are considered a fairly new breed. It is believed that the Gold Crown is a dark Matsuba where the black that typically gives it the dark, reticulated net pattern on the body is dominant making the base body color completely dark with the exception of the head, where the accompanying coloration is visible, giving it the “crown” appearance.

Unlike other koi varieties where the black may change significantly over time (like the Kumonryu), with proper care the black shouldn’t change much over time , and if it does it will be to reveal more of the crown coloration on the head.

Similar to the corresponding color accompaniments on Matsuba, the crown colors on the Gold Crown can vary from various shades of orange and red to various yellows. The one color that does not manifest is the blue. However, there are the occasional greyish-white colorations that come out from time to time and they are referred to us as Silver Crowns.

The nomenclature of Silver and Gold Crown are not formally recognized as an “official koi variety.” Oftentimes, the Crowns may even be overlooked by koi enthusiasts but they are an interesting and unique type of Matsuba that can add a touch of distinction and variety to a koi pond. We feel that they are interesting, unique and well-received enough to warrant their own name.

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