Do I need to quarantine the fish that I buy?

How long can koi live?

How large can koi grow?

What makes one koi more expensive than another one?

Is it true that Butterfly Koi are the result of cross-breeding koi and goldfish?

What water temperature is best for koi?

What kinds of food do koi eat?

How much should I feed my koi?

How long can koi go without eating?

Will Koi eat the plants in my pond?

Are Koi and Goldfish able to live together in the same tank or pond?

How much room do koi need in a tank or pond?

Can my koi remain in my pond during the winter?

I no longer want the koi that I own? Will you take them? Will you resell them for me?

My koi spawned and now I have hundreds of baby koi. Will you take them? Can I sell them to you?

Why are my koi bumping each other into the walls of my pond or tank?

Are koi sensitive to chlorine?

How do I know if koi and goldfish will survive in my environment?

Do koi come inside during the winter?

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