I want to personally thank all of the staff at Next Day Koi!  They were there every step of the way, to help me with any question or concerns.  This company goes above and beyond to keep a happy costumer.  I will most definitely spread positive feedback to every koi forum and club I belong to.   The koi are always more amazing in person.  Looking forward to MANY more purchases.  Again, thank you so much!

Liz L. (Beetown, Wisconsin)


My husband and I have purchased several koi from NextDayKoi and we were amazingly surprised to see how much more colorful the koi actually were in person!  The delivery was extremely fast and we couldn’t be more pleased ! The koi were healthy and swimming in our pond the next day. We are repeat customers and NextDayKoi will continue to have our business for all our koi purchases!!!

Dave & Christy R. (Spring Branch, Texas)


Next Day Koi has the best selection and the most beautiful fish of all!  I cannot stop watching for new fish to be listed on the website. This is a very addictive and enjoyable hobby!

Nancy M. (Meshoppen, PA)


We have been customers of Next Day Koi for many years.  The quality of their koi is excellent.  The hi, sumi and shiro colors are superb.  Koi conformation and health are exceptional.  What fun it has been to watch them from 3” to 25”!  If you enjoy raising your own koi, the Next Day Koi fish will not disappoint.  They add vigor and amusement to the pond.

Doing business with Next Day Koi is a dream come true.  Communication is top-notch.  Always rapid responses to instructions and inquiries.  Next Day Koi keeps us constantly informed.  Koi are shipped professionally and arrive healthy.  Smooth transactions with the option to combine shipping makes Next Day Koi very desirable.  A wide variety of koi are offered, which allows us to find that special koi we imagined… and we are always imagining… so we will be purchasing until we run out of space for another pond.  We currently have 8 ponds!

Elizabeth L. (North Hills, CA)


I have been a customer of Next Day Koi for several years now. Their koi for sale are beautiful, and have always been some of the best you can find.  They have held down shipping costs over the years to enable customers to save money.

I recently converted a swimming pool to a koi pond and was ready to purchase more koi to fill it. I hadn’t been in touch with Next Day Koi for many years and when I began purchasing, I sent them a note telling them how the fish I bought from them in the past were doing. They recognized who I was immediately and not only asked about my fish but asked me to send pictures of them!

They have always taken the time to answer any questions I may have about koi, pond conditions–anything I needed help with.

Next Day Koi is one of my very most favorite koi sellers. I highly recommend them.  You will have a “friend” for life as their customer.

Patti W. (Napa, CA)


Next Day Koi goes far and above in order to keep their customers happy.  They combine multiple fish into one shipment, so that I can save on shipping cost.  And they reimbursed me immediately for a fish that died in shipment (not their fault).  If I have to contact them they respond back right away.  The fish I received were healthy and matched the pictures perfectly.  I highly recommend them.

James B. (Apache Junction, AZ)


I have made many purchases from Next Day Koi over the past few years and I can honestly say that I have been more than pleased with the purchases I’ve made. All koi received have been in excellent shape without any health issues and their service is impeccable. After your order is placed, the fish or supplies are shipped and they come fast and reasonable. My last purchase arrived a few days ago and the fish were truly the best fish that I’ve bought.  I can tell you that you wont be dissatisfied.  Rest at ease when you want to purchase quality fish, Next Day Koi is the place!

Paul E. (Castle Hayne, NC)


The first time I bought my koi from nextdaykoi.com I was “hooked”! Their quality and service is unsurpassed. They offer a wide variety of koi, great selection and consistently healthy fish. Communication is great and the koi are well packed for secure shipping. I am a repeat buyer because I know it’ll be a no hassle, easy transaction from a reliable supplier. Buy with confidence!

Robert A. (St. Paul, MN)


I purchased 5 koi from NextDayKoi and was completely surprised to see how much more beautiful they were than pictured. They arrived the following day…fastest delivery on koi that I have ever had! They literally were in my koi pond by 11 AM the day after I purchased them. They arrived very healthy and very playful! I just wished I would have bought more. I would highly recommend buying your koi fish from this site.

Cathy D. (Dallas, TX)


Nextdaykoi.com is always on the buyer’s side. Some koi sellers will ship items that should not be shipped, and would not worry about it because they would already have their money. This is NEVER the case with nextdaykoi.com. The world needs more honest people like them in it!! Thanks again, all your fish that I have purchased are great!

Donald D. (Elkhart, IL)


I would like to post my comments about my recent koi purchase of four butterfly koi. The selected fish upon their arrival surpassed my expectations of quality! They were in excellent health and color.

They went into their natural seclusion and gradually were swimming in the pond within two days except for one. More than a week passed and the fish was not to be seen. My pond is small and the water is continuously filtered with good clarity.

I finally got into the pond using a sieve net of fine mesh to search for the absent fish and it was not to be found.

I then contacted Next Day Koi and they immediately refunded the price of the missing fish.
The next day after the refund the HOUDINI koi resurrected itself and is now heartily swimming with the other fish.

Of course I have made contact to negate the refund.  Next Day Koi dealt with this affair in the most generous and courteous manner!  Of course I am a most satisfied customer and I highly recommend this company!

Rod F. (Oroville, CA)