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Deep Dive—Symptoms of Stress in Koi

A couple of years ago we looked at an overview of stress in Koi. Today, let’s take a deeper dive into the symptoms of stress, what may be causing them, and what you can do to alleviate the stress you may be seeing in your Koi. Excessive Flashing “Flashing” is the term used when Koi turn on […]

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The Battle For The US Koi Industry – An Update

Back in October 2016, we alerted you to someone trying to kill the US Koi industry.  Although the wheels of government move mighty slowly, there has been some new development in this issue. Regarding the Center for Invasive Species Prevention petition to list 42 aquatic species, including Koi, as being “high risk” – the National […]

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5” Doitsu Kohaku Butterfly Koi fish

‘Tis The Season – Giving Koi As A Gift

Believe it or not, live Koi, Butterfly Koi and Goldfish are quite the popular holiday gift amongst pond and aquarium enthusiasts. What could be more exciting for a Koi or Goldfish keeper than a surprise box of beautiful swimming jewels showing up on their doorstep?   But before you hit submit and place that order […]

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Koi fish in a gravel koi pond

Rock Bottoms and Gravel Koi Ponds

So what is the deal with gravel koi ponds? Hop on any forum chat or social media post thread and you will get quite a bit of vitriol surrounding the use of rock on the bottom of koi ponds. More often than not, those that have had experience with it (specifically a negative one) will […]

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Fright Fish: Halloween Koi

As the veil between the underworld and living world is drawn back on Old Hallows Eve, the more sinister elements of the koi world surface and perpetuate their darker purpose. There is nothing sweet about these ghoulish koi, view at your own peril…. The Kohaaaaaarghku A member of the Goresanke family, this nightmarish character is considered […]

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Ryukin Fancy Goldfish: What You Need to Know

Although Chinese in origin, the Ryukin Fancy Goldfish was originally bred from the common Fantail on the Ryukyu Island archipelago between Japan and Taiwan in the late 1700s. It is from this string of 55 islands that the Ryukin draws its name. They are a popular variety in both the US and Japan. This is probably […]

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Koi Ponds, Storms and Hurricanes

Hurricanes can be incredibly destructive in both force and outcomes. There have been some in the recent past that no one would probably have thought possible. As a koi keeper, the thought of limiting the amount of damage flooding or power outages is daunting. But it can be done. If you have a koi pond […]

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