These helpful articles are part of our Koi Health series. They contain information about what it is, how to diagnose and the commonly accepted means to combat bacterial and parasitic ailments.

How to Recognize and Treat Common Koi Fish Illnesses Aeromonas, Your Koi and What You Can Do to Combat It
Your Koi and Columnaris Costia and Koi Fish
Anchor Worms and Your Koi Ich and Your Koi Fish
Chilodonella and Your Koi Fish Fish Lice and Your Koi
Dropsy and Your Koi Fish Carp Pox And Your Koi
Putting Your Koi Under the Microscope Koi Health – Knowledge is Power

As well as these blog posts, we recommend these sources for comprehensive Koi Health information.

Dr. Erik Johnson is among the leading veterinarians in the US in the specialized field of koi health.  His site,, provides a wealth of information on diagnosing and treating all common koi ailments, as well as general information on water quality, filtration and more.

Fish Health –

A simple yet highly informative page, offering everything you need to know to keep your pond in the correct condition to promote koi health and growth.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about out koi’s health.

What is the water pH?

We keep our water at 7.5.
What medications are used?

Salt is used as a safeguard against parasites, and Nitrofurazone is administered as needed to batches of small fish (less than 4″) when they show any signs of a columnaris infection.

Is there a microscope on the premise and how often is it used?

Yes, we have a microscope on site, and we routinely scrape and scope koi to monitor their health as an ongoing safeguard against illness or parasites.

How long are the koi on the premise?

Anything that someone buys from us will have been here for a minimum of 2 weeks (for quarantine purposes), plus the 1-2 days it takes to photograph and list the koi.

Are the old koi mixed in with any new shipments?

Any and all new shipments are keep separate from older shipments.

Have questions about a specific health issue with koi that you received from us?

If your fish was Dead On Arrival (DOA), head to the Resolution Center for step-by-step instructions on obtaining a refund.

Other health questions about your fish?  Contact us today.  Someone is available from 9 AM until 5 PM EST Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.  You will typically receive a response in one hour or less.