Counting Your Koi


Hello! My name is Hoon Lee and I will show you how to properly transfer your new friends to your new home. Let’s get started!

Start out with acclimating your fish to the water by equalizing the water temperature in the bag. What we suggest is to float the unopened bag on top of the water for at least 15-30 minutes.

Fun fact, Koi can be sunburned in direct sunlight. Keep that in mind for current and future amenities for your little… Or big fishies.

If it’s a sunny day, we also recommend placing a thin towel or similar object on top to shade the bag while acclimating.

Before releasing into the pond, now’s the time to take stock of your new arrivals while they’re together in the bag. If you dump them straight out of the bag, they may zip to a hidden area because of the stress of shipping and adjusting to a new home.

Carefully open the bag and count your fish one by one while comparing it to your invoice. We have extra protocols in place to make sure you have the right order and correct amount of fish.

And you don’t need specialized tools seen here to count. A small bowl or cup will suffice. Keep the water transfer to a minimum and after an hour or so, your new friends will adjust to their new home. After you have acclimated the bag, counted and scooped the fish into the fresh water, you’re done!

Thank you so much for your patronage and we look forward to sending more friends to your home!

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  1. Martin Rosen :

    Well written, but would have preferred a picture of box opening and fish bag removal

    1. Yes, I agree with the previous person that pictures of each step of the transfer process to the quarantine tank would be very helpful!

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