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The sun is out, water temperatures are starting to rise and your koi are getting back to themselves. But as most enthusiasts know, it is also when those annoying algae blooms start, and the potential for bacterial and parasitic infections starts to rise.

We’ve had lots of correspondence in the last few weeks about koi health and how to handle infections. It’s been said many times and in many different ways, so we thought we’d try using pictures.

Koi Health prevention is better than cure meme

Prevention is always better than cure. And a big part of that prevention is awareness. In the fight against common (and sometimes not so common) koi infections, knowledge is your greatest ally.

However, as much as stopping an infection from happening at all is something that all koi owners dream about, the reality is you will eventually have to deal with parasites and bacterial infections.

Even in a closed system, koi are still at risk for exposure. It has happened to the most experienced koi hobbyists. Rest assured, it will happen to you if you spend enough time as a koi hobbyist.

So how do you solve your koi infection problems. Again, your first line of defense is knowledge. We can’t stress this enough. Arm yourself ahead of time and know what to look for as well as where to find it. You will save yourself a lot of time and potential cost by sourcing solutions and medications for any outbreaks in your pond or tank.

Here’s a cautionary tale. Recently, a customer started having health problems with fish he had received about two months prior. He took his fish to a local koi expert who diagnosed the problem, setting him up with hundreds of dollars worth of medication. After returning home, he discovered the same medications could’ve been ordered online at a significant savings.

That knowledge you will need can come from a multitude of sources. A simple internet search will provide a wealth of information. Written by experts, doctors and those steeped in experience there are a lot of pages dedicated to defending against, as well as solving, your bacterial, fungal or viral problem.

And don’t shy away from social media, either. Use Facebook groups or forums to mine the collective experience of those that have battled through aeromonas, ich, dropsy and/or gill flukes. Information is usually freely shared and their best practices can often help in getting your koi back into fighting shape.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. The more you know, or the more potential solutions you can explore, the better you will be equipped to handle a situation should they arise.

In the coming weeks, we’ll look at some of those infections and speak to experts on how to prevent them as well as effectively treat them.

We know that health issues will arise from time to time, but at Next Day Koi we mitigate those odds by quarantining all of our koi in separate holding facilitates. During the minimum two-week quarantine period, our koi are monitored for any signs of health issues before they are put on sale.

If you have any questions about our koi or would like to order living jewels, contact one of our representatives and we’ll get them to you—at some of the best rates in the industry.

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  1. OK so where are the pictures and solutions. We have growths on at least two of our fish. We have changed the water and salted and also treated the water.

    c oliver

    1. We are working on future blog posts and will have them posted as soon as they are available. For now I would suggest for help with koi health problems.

  2. Elizabeth :

    I am very pleased with Next Day Koi.

    From this year overwintering our koi they had flukes and lice and I did some online research and bought a product named Aqua MedZyme I followed the directions and it worked very well. It also gets rid of the deadly bacteria in the pond.

    We have happy koi again.

  3. Hoang Nguyen :

    I liked one small Tancho Kohaku 5”-12” whenever you have please let me know very appreciate

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