Hikarimoyo (Hick-Ar-Ee-Moe-Yo) are multi-colored metallic koi. The term “Hikari” is translated as “metallic.” Indeed, it is a bright, metallic white that forms the base for each of the varieties of the Hikarimoyo.

The koi in this class are immediately eye-catching as a result of the bright sheen of the platinum (bright white) base. It is then one through four additional colors that make up the patterns on the koi, giving each variety its appearance.

The strength of the metallic white under the color can diffuse the color above it, making reds appear orange and making black look more grey. Hikarimoyo can be scaled or Doitsu, standard or butterfly.

There are eight varieties of koi under the Hikarimoyo: Kikusui, Hariwake, Kujaku, Kikokuryu, Kin Kikokuryu, Beni Kikokuryu, Yamato Nishiki, Heisei Nishiki.

What to Look For

The platinum white should have a bright, glistening luster and be consistent in color and luster across the body. The white should have very few or no blemishes. The pectoral fins should have flashy white all the way to the ends of the pectoral fins. The additional colors should be uniform, dense and unblemished.

The preferred pattern of Hikarimoyo varieties follows that of other patterned koi. It should be balanced on both sides of the koi as well as on both ends.

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    4.5” Doitsu Kujaku

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    6.5” Doitsu Blue Kujaku

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    5” Doitsu Blue Kujaku

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