It has been a fun 72 hours since we’ve launched this newest version of our site. A few orders, and lots of questions. We’ve received numerous questions regarding our discount system, so we wanted to go ahead and address it here.

This site is set up to automatically apply discounts to unsold items after a certain period of time. Right now, the settings are as follows:

  • Days 1 through 5 – items are listed at full price
  • Days 6 through 10 – items are marked down 25%
  • Days 11 through 15 – items are marked down 50%

After fifteen days have passed, the item is removed from view on the site.

So, as you can see, items that do not sell after 10 days will be available for a serious discount. But, there is always the chance that someone else will come along and buy that fish you had your eye on, but were waiting for the price to drop.

These are just the settings as they exist currently. As we get more use under our belt with the new site, the discount amounts may change, or we may add additional levels of discounts. Any changes that we make going forward will be announced here on our blog!

Got a question about our discount system, or anything else on our site? Contact Us now. We’re always here to help!

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