Probiotic Plus Koi & Goldfish Food (Large Pellet)


Blue Ridge Probiotic Plus Koi Food is specially formulated with key ingredients to boost Koi immunity and safeguard against disease and infection.

Formulated with Primalac probiotic, elevated vitamin C and montmorillonite clay, all scientifically shown to:

– Increase immunity to bacterial infection and disease

– Improve digestion

– Increase growth rates

– Enhance coloring, including deeper reds and crisper whites

– Replace essential minerals and trace elements that are typically filtered out of municipal water sources

Can be fed continuously. Feed two to four times per day, depending on water temperature, no more than your fish can consume in five minutes each feeding.

Large pellets are 3/16″ in diameter. The 2 and 5 pound bags have resealable zippers, and the 14 pound bucket comes with a resealable lid.

$30.75 – $199.95