Goromo (also sometimes referred to as Koromo) are in essence a Kohaku with blue edging to each red scale, with the blue edging creating a reticulated net pattern.  More specifically, they are koi with a white body, areas of red pattern overlaying the white, and blue edging on the red scales only.  The terms “Koromo” and “Goromo” can be used interchangeably, but most of the time you will see this variety referred to as “Goromo” in American koi keeping.

Goromo originated from a cross of Kohaku and Asagi.  There are three sub-varieties of Goromo, which are determined by the colors present on the edging of the hi scales.  Budo Goromo have bluish, grape-like clusters on the edges of the red scales.  Ai Goromo have blue shading on the scales inside the red pattern, with no additional colors on the outside edge of the pattern.  Sumi Goromo display a black edge along the red patterns.  The black in Sumi Goromo can sometimes be so dominant that it seems to completely over the hi patterns.  Sumi Goromo are quite rare.