Kawarimono (Kah-Wa-Ree-Moe-No) is a broad, catch-all term for a large variety of koi that don’t fit neatly into other classes. All the koi in this classification are non-metallic. There are 14 different types of koi in the Kawarimono class:

Kumonryu, Beni Kumonryu, Matsukawabakke, Beni Matsukawabakke, Chagoi, Soragoi, Ochiba Shigure, Karasu, Hajiro, Shiro Muji, Kigoi, Gold Crown, Midorigoi, Kawarigoi.

The variety of koi in this classification are separated into three general groups: single-colored, black and other.

Some refer to Kawarimono-type koi as the “leftover” category, but that is anything but true. The fact that they defy standard classification adds a certain uniqueness to this group of koi, and indeed have quite a few interesting varieties that add color and grace to many ponds.

What to Look For

As the Kawarimono class represents a wide group of koi, with numerous patterns and colors, similar criteria for what is generally accepted as the best qualities for other types of koi still apply.

Any colors should be deep and solid. Spotting, blurring or fading are signs of inferior quality Kawarimono types. Additionally, the hue and shading of the colors should remain consistent across the entire koi.

The same description for preferred patterning on a Kawarimono koi applies. There should be balance across the entire koi, with the pattern extending to both sides and ends of the koi.

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