Koi Fish SchoolThe legend of the koi fish is one that predates written history, and one that has captured the hearts and imaginations of people the world over. As with most ancient tales, there are a few different interpretations; but it is essentially the story of the little brightly colored fish that could.

The Chinese legend tells of a large school of fish—shining like polished jewels—that made the long and difficult journey upstream against the current of the mighty Yellow River.

When they reached an imposing waterfall many of them resigned to simply return to the flow and went back the way they came. Some of the fish, however, were unfazed and attempted to leap up the cascading water to make it to the top.

One version of the legend says that some of the local deities, or demons, were drawn to the splashing. Seeing the determined efforts of the koi fish, and out of spite, cruelly made the waterfall even higher. It didn’t have the desired effect, though—and unperturbed—the koi redoubled their efforts to get to the top.

For 100 years the koi toiled against the odds, until finally a single koi crested the top of the waterfall to make it into the river above.

The gods who witnessed this colossal achievement rewarded the courageous fish for its perseverance by transforming the koi into a golden dragon. This dragon fish now traverses the skies above the river, constantly seeking pearls of wisdom.

As a result, the waterfall became known as the Dragon Gate and any koi that summons the strength, courage and determination to swim against the tide and through the gates is bestowed the same honor as the original fish that overcame adversity.

The story embodies the principles of perseverance, strength and continued courage, reminding us to never give up, no matter the odds. Getting to witness the beauty, grace and determination of the storied koi fish on a daily basis, at Next Day Koi we feel that these qualities should be shared with everyone.

And thanks to modern-day technology, it won’t take your koi fish 100 years to reach your pond or tank. Not that its journey will be any less legendary, but you will only have to wait one day for your dragon fish to inspire you.

For more information on how you can get your koi fish in one day, please contact us and one of representatives will gladly help you.

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