As the moon rises over ponds this All Hallow’s Eve, the most macabre and monstrous of beasties come from the darkest depths to feed on fare most foul.

PS. None of these are actually for sale. These are strictly for our own dark purposes.


Showa Koi Fish with Bones showing through skinAddled with gill flukes, this Showa was subjected to experimental medicine away from accepted scientific practices. It lurks in the depths using its iridescence to lure other koi to their ultimate doom.

Chopper the Mankiller

Fancy Goldfish with human teeth The unholy offspring of a carnival goldfish and Leatherface. It lives to feed on the faces of other fish. Keep your hands and feet out of the pond at all times.

The Demon Utsuri

Shiro Utsuri Koi Fish with a dragon headIn a failed arcane ritual to capture the soul of the original dragon fish, the head of the dragon was forever attached to this misguided Shiro Utsuri as a reminder of the dangers of subverting nature.


A gene-splicing experiment designed to give octopus-like intelligence to a super-sanke went horribly array, instead leaving it with tentacles and an insatiable thirst for anything covered in scales.

Platinum O-gone

Platinum Ogon Koi Fish phasing outThanks to an irradiated batch of color enhancing koi food, this once whole Hakirimuji-class butterfly koi now exists between two planes seeking to possess the bodies and souls of other koi.

Skin Youtsuri

Kin Ki Utsuri Koi Fish with Freddy Krueger glovesAn unfortunate cosmetic surgery mishap left this world-renowned award winner with deformed pectoral fins, driving her mad. Determined to make everyone suffer her fate, she had replicas of Freddy Krueger gloves grafted to her misshapen fins.

Ochiba Shi-Gory

Ochiba Shigure Koi Fish with chunks of flesh removed and spin showingThe first victim of Skin Youtsuri, this unsuspecting pond dweller has left the best parts of himself in her skin locker.


Kohaku Koi Fish that looks like a zombieAn infected batch of bloodworms turned this Kohaku into a decaying, mindless eating machine, thirsting for the brains of other koi.

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