Kohaku, shiro bekku, asagi koi swimming in a pond

Sometimes doing what is right is doing what is best.

With this in mind, we at Next Day Koi are proud to announce our Koi For A Cause initiative.

In the past, we have periodically donated a portion of proceeds from our promoted sales to worthy charities across the United States.

Now we’ve upped the ante. Once a month, for the rest of the year, we will match the percentages we offer on one particular sales promotion and send the proceeds to the charity of choice.  

You can be a big part of our efforts simply by participating and—in many instances—saving.

When you buy koi or goldfish from us in 2018, your dollars go towards supporting these worthwhile causes:

Keep a close eye on your email and our social media platforms for more information about when and where our Koi For A Cause events are happening.

As always, we appreciate you, our customers, and all of your support in helping us to be one of the US’s premier Koi and Goldfish dealers.

Casey and the Next Day Koi gang

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  1. Hi Casey,

    This is a great thing you are doing. We should have talked about it when I was filming there. We work with a charity, America’s Finest Foundation which supports Law Enforcement and Children.

    Next Day Koi is a great facility!

    All the best,

    Ray Kelly

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