As the veil between the underworld and living world is drawn back on Old Hallows Eve, the more sinister elements of the koi world surface and perpetuate their darker purpose. There is nothing sweet about these ghoulish koi, view at your own peril….

The Kohaaaaaarghku

A member of the Goresanke family, this nightmarish character is considered the brains of the operation.
Kokahu Koi fish brains


The Sssssan-shlough-ku

This rotting Nishikigoi sparkles and stinks in equal measure. A real credit to the Goresanke clan.
Showa koi fish slashed

The Shus-eeeeeew-i

All seeing, no prey escapes this demonic denizen from the lowest pits of Poseidon.
Shusui Koi fish demon eyes


The Orenj-eeeeeeeek Ogon

Wearing the faces of its victims as proof of its conquest, the orange ogre of the deep knows no mercy.

Orenji Ogon

Splatinum Ogon

Using its brilliant sheen to lure victims to their demise, once you have been mesmerized you are as good as done for.

Platinum Ogon

The Gin Ma-chew-ba

Not the friendliest of Living Jewels, this chompy character can bite through bone. All teeth and bad attitude.

Gin Matsuba Koi Fish

The Skariwake

This koi is as merciless as it is scaleless. With all the scales flayed from its body, it uses the ripped flesh on its back to draw in victims before dispatching them to an early grave.

Hariwake Koi Fish

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