Photo of Lake Superior
This might just be big enough….

1. More Pond! I Need More Pond!

“Just imagine what I could do with a bigger pond,” you think as you repeatedly walk around your pond, a little wild-eyed and hair sticking straight up, devising how to add gallons to your pond.

2. Is That Pond Photoshopped?

Then when you think you might be in a good place with the size of your pond, you see someone else’s newly finished, 20,000 gallon monster, and you weep as you turn greener than the algae bloom you’d be able to control if only you had a bigger pond.

3. What? It Was on Sale…

Of course you’ll find a use for it.

4. I’ve Never Seen That One Before

The awkward situation when your significant other discovers a new addition to the pond. “Of course I didn’t buy it. It must’ve been born in the pond.” If only you had planned a koi fish slush fund. Are bitcoins accepted?

5. Here Fishy, Fish

An expression that is likely to get you escorted off the property. You don’t hand feed just any old fish. They all have names, thank you, and, yes, they all have their own personalities. They make you laugh, they make you cry—except maybe Big Al. He’s always the life of the party.

6. A Backhoe is How Much?

You are many things other than just a koi keeper. Bricklayer, electrician, veterinarian, chemist, agriculturist, horticulturist, chemist, and—as some might call you when you resurrect that old pump—miracle worker.

7. Ok, This is Definitely the Last One

Because it is. As was the one before it. And the one before that.

Great White Shark head out of water
We’re gonna need a bigger pond

8. But, It’s Only Little

There’s room for one more. You totally have space for it. Because there is no chance that the chagoi will get any bigger than the last one. And then there’s the pond extension you have planned….

9. That Damn Bird is Back!

From the very pits of hell itself, a koi culling machine looking to set up residence in your pond, the Blue Heron is not a pretty bird. And nothing you do will keep it away. It is pure evil. With a bill. Also, its “friends,” the otter, the raccoon and anything that looks owlish are not cute. Not even in Disney movies.

10. I’ll Be Right Back

Getting up to get a glass of water at 2 am is probably considered normal. Getting up to patrol the area around your pond with a flashlight, and murderous intent, looking for predators might raise a couple of eyebrows. Just not in your house.

11. How Many Houses Have Generators Anyway?

Yes, you have a generator and, no, it’s not in your house because your pond clearly has a better use for it.

12. Does that Sound Like a Leak to You?

Because you can’t hear dripping doesn’t mean that your pond isn’t leaking. One day you will get around to inventing that early leak detection system.

13. Because You Can’t Hand Feed Piranhas

Others may never appreciate it, but the indescribable joy of teaching your koi to hand feed and then taking the time to do it is, well, indescribable.

14. Adieu Bob, You Will be Missed

Choosing which of your beauties has to be sold so that you can make space for the 2ft Yamabuki you’ve always wanted might actually cause you more heartache than shipping your kids off to their first day at school. You’re pretty sure that the kids are coming back, but Bob isn’t.

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